Google Voice module GV ext to GV ext won't hang up!

I have 2 Google Voice accounts on my Asterisk and running FreePBX 2.8.1 along with the Google Voice module 0.7.0 (latest that I’ve found). Incoming works fine and outgoing is working good too.

When I call one GV number to another GV number using 2 separate routes, if I hang up before the other person picks up the phone keeps ringing. So if the other person never picked up and I hung up during the VM greeting, the call keeps going and it leaves an empty Voicemail message even though I hung up about a minute before.

This only happens when I use one GV trunk outgoing to call another GV trunk incoming on my PBX. They are both assigned SIP extensions and it doesn’t happen when I dial the extension directly, 1234 vs 555-555-1212. Also, if I use my cell phone or a land line to call the GV phone number, it works fine.

Any help would be great!



I just did another test and used the Google Chat from a PC to call from one GV numbers to the other GV number and it worked fine when I hung up. The problem seems to lay in the outgoing part of the connection that it can’t detect the hang up right away.