Google Voice - forward straight to voicemail


I have google voice working great on FreePBX Distro 3.211.63-5

I have a best practice question though.

  1. Call comes in on my main SIP providers trunk (not google voice), this goes to a ring group
  2. Call is unanswered so it is forwarded to the google voice number
  3. The google voice number is used to forward to a cellphone and to the main SIP provider, so everything rings again
  4. Then it goes to google voicemail. This works but its not elegant

Is it possible that when the call is forwarded to the google voice number (after the ring group is unanswered) we can tell it to go straight to the voicemail? I cannot always have the google voice number go straight to voicemail as I use it as a hunt number.

Any thoughts?



Great idea. Anyone else been successful with this? I was looking for a work around to get voicemail transcription. This would be a great way to use google voice’s excellent speech to text.

I wasn’t able to find a way. It would be great if we could though!

This is really a Google Voice issue, so I searched the GV support archives and found this:!topic/voice/VBtR-yU-nJU

You might be able to cobble something out of this…