Google voice confirmation

Before I start looking into my own situation of Google Voice in Freepbx, I’m looking for several confirmations that Google Voice is currently working and operational via OAuth2…

I’m currently not connected which can be caused due to:

  • Google support stopped
  • Misconfiguration
  • European IP adres

Can anyone help me with this answer

We generally take a stance of non-support with google voice as it is a grey area in regards to the google ToS. The only way to make it work is with a patch that causes stability issues in Asterisk. All that said there is a gentleman @billsimon who runs a gateway service that allows you to use it as “just sip”. Perhaps message him for details on his service. It is likely the most stable way to integrate google voice. The other option would be to use an obaihi device.

Thanks for your help… you provide the answer :wink: Or I will forward this number to another sip number in the US or I might contact your proposed contact for a sip solution if needed.

This is just a hobby, nothing more, but I like to have stable solutions :slight_smile: . It is already complex enough.

Can you expand on this? What specific stability issues does it cause?