Google voice and Follow me

I have 2 google voice trunks installed on my box. I am having issues with the 2nd GV not passing through the callers caller ID. It will only show the caller ID of the google voice trunk. I have looked and I do NOT have any boxes checked that would force the caller ID to be the of the trunk. How do I fix this? My goal is to have FreePBX, route the incoming calls to an extension that has a follow me set to call my mobile number. and yes, when the call goes to the extension, the correct caller ID is shown. Just not when the Follow me is set to go to my cell.

The really weird thing is I have the original Google Voice trunk set up the same way, and it works fine.

I would wait a couple of weeks the problem will be resolved for you :slight_smile:


They will all stop working on May 1.

Google is dropping support for the protocol that allows it to be used with asterisk.