Google voice and conflicting information

First off, please forgive me, I am new to this, and just learning. I have spent countless hours reading the documentation online, and that is how I managed to get as far as I have gotten despite the fact that I find the documentation not written for someone like me that doesn’t know anything about this stuff.
Anyway, I am looking all over the place to try and figure out how to get Google voice to work with FreePBX. I have managed to locate several complicated tutorials on manually editing files, but are very out of date (2010.) This is the same sort of thing I ran across the last time I tried to do something only to find out that in the new versions of FreePBX it is all integrated into the GUI.
I have read about of a wonderful addon for FreePBX that allows you to set up a google voice account easily, but cannot find it anywhere, nor can I find directions on installing a module. Can someone either assist me, or point me to a tutorial that does not make assumptions (i.e. A tutorial that tells me to “Enter your trunk information” is no good unless it takes time to explain what a trunk is, and exactly how to, step by step, enter this information. BTW for the record, I DO know what a trunk is (I have visions of people saying, ‘if you don’t know what a trunk is, maybe you shouldn’t be doing this’) but in this example, would have no idea how to enter any trunk information)

Thanks in advance.

This depends which version of Asterisk and FreePBX you have.

And how do I find that information. I looked all round the GUI, and can’t seem to find it.

FreePBX version is cleverly hidden at bottom of page.

For Asterisk version hover over the Asterisk server status on home page.

Tyen that would be for Asterisk and for FreePBX

You’ll want this beauty:

And you’ll simply go to module admin and click manual upload. The go to the module and you can even have it configure your trunks for you. No need to do it manually.

Thank you so much, now I just need to go through the mess of getting a Google voice number; I am located in canada.