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Hi everyone

I want to add Google TTS on FreePBX 15 how can i do that?


Hello guys
Do you know any tts service maybe free and already integrated in freepbx?


Hi follow this guide from this guys @TheWebMachine to activate Amazon Polly to FreePBX

I want to say if it’s possible to integrate TTS when i add new system recording?


Unfortunately, there is currently no way to do that in System Recordings. You can use the main AWS Polly Console page on their site to enter your desired static message, generate the audio in MP3 format, then upload to the PBX using System Recordings like any other audio file.

You can suggest to Sangoma that they add support for TTS elements in Recording options in places like IVR and such, or for System Recordings to include TTS integration, but know that we have asked then for a rewrite of TTS for years now and Sangoma has no interest in investing the efforts. We had to rewrite code in TTS to add the currently available Polly support and ask Sangoma to merge our code. A full rewrite can only come from them due to the hooks in Commercial modules like Queues Pro and such. We don’t have access to any Commercial code.

I hope that information helps. In the future, it may be helpful to post these questions in the open forum so others can contribute to the discussion and add to the possible solutions presented.

Stay safe and take care.
~Mike, Lead Technical Advisor
TheWebMachine Networks

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ok thanks you @TheWebMachine

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