Google Talk: FreePBX stops other Talk clients from ringing

I’ve recently installed FreePBX to act as a link between a SIP soft phone and my Google Talk account. It was easy to set up and outbound calls work just fine, but I’ve run into two problems with inbound calls that I’m not sure how to resolve.

I’m using an inbound route to forward all calls from Google to my soft phone.

(1) If the soft phone is not currently registered, Asterisk answers and immediately generates a fast-busy signal (reporting CHANUNAVAIL in the logs), and the call is lost.

(2) If the soft phone is registered, Asterisk “answers” the call before rining the soft phone, which means that other Google Talk clients never ring (since from their perspective someone has answered the call).

For solving (1) seems like I could use the ChanIsAvail() function to prevent Asterisk from answering in the event that the phone isn’t registered. However, I’m not sure what to do about (2), because the behavior I want is for Asterisk to not “answer” the call until I answer the call on the soft phone.

If someone can suggest solutions to these issues I would appreciate it. Thanks!

maybe it is how you / we have google voice ( google talk?.. same as google voice or different? ) setup… I have my google voice number setup to call my office ( phone number ) and ‘forwards calls to Google Chat’ is checked. My freepbx is setup to send incomming calls from my google voice ( chat / talk number to a SIP phone registered on my freepbx box.

my log shows:
“Receiving GoogleVoice on DID: 682xxxxxxx”) in new stack
it starts ringing my sip phone’s extension…
[2013-10-15 11:51:41] VERBOSE[9011][C-00000007] app_dial.c: – Called SIP/5111
[2013-10-15 11:51:41] VERBOSE[9011][C-00000007] app_dial.c: – SIP/5111-00000000 is ringing
… keep in mind… I am not at the location… I assume that it is ringing because it says it is…
and my Office Phone ( next to me here ) is ringing… so … both of the things that google voice is supposed to ring are ringing.

I used the unsppported google talk admin module to set up my two google voice trunks.