Google Motif not creating trunk or route

FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-22
Google Motif Module

Using Google voice on another box, (still working and connected), I thought I’d play around with it on another box. Installed the module and created the motif connection.

After saving and applying the configuration, and having the boxes to create a trunk and route checked, no trunk or route were auto created. Seemed to me that freepbx motif of some time back, auto created a trunk and route, and I didn’t have to create a custom trunk.

Any thoughts? Have I missed something simple… again?? Thanks!

PS. Did read a bug report from 12/17 and allegedly fixed I guess, but still happening.


Solved. Went to EDGE mode and installed the 13.0.4 module and auto created trunks and stuff.

Just FYI. After June 18th this module will no longer function

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Thanks Andrew. Kind of a bummer. I have heard a lot of times that Google will stop supporting connections to its voice service. Is that the reason why? Or just an internal business decision. Just curious and not complaining.


See .

Thanks Stewart. Kept hearing rumors and rumblings but nice to now there is a ‘concrete’ date.


As I mentioned in another post I saw this in my Twitter feed, don’t know if or how well it will work but might be an alternative to the Google Voice module if Google really does end XMPP support this time:

How to use Google Voice with FreePBX and Asterisk without using XMPP or buying new hardware

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