Google Contacts CID Lookup Script

I’ve written a PHP app that grabs all the contacts and populates a local database with names and phone numbers.
I run this with a cron job so it keeps them updated
I add the database to the CID Lookup module and it works great.

I’d like to add this to the CID Lookup module, but I’m still trying to get my head around way the modules work.

Basically all that needs to be added to the module is a way to set your Google username and password whether or not is a Google Apps Account.
The rest would be the same the MySQL lookup option, just the user wouldn’t need to set the database details as that would be already coded in.
It would also need to set it up to run in cron

Any ideas?

how about you start by opening a feature request ticket for the feature and then adding your script to that request.

Then some ideas may flow from that (I know moshe has interest in this area though his desire is to completely rewrite cid lookup in general…)