Good Voxbone DID config

Has anyone developed a solid and really good config for Voxbone inbound DIDs, that works consistently well, please?
I and many others, for sure, would be most grateful if you would post a verbose full example here, please.
Many thanks, one&all…!
Have a great day…

I´m in the same problem. tadpole do you have a good configuration for freepbx ?

Thks a lot
Alex Casanova

You too. Yes, it would be nice to have a good OS forum for this. Welcome to the quietest forum I’ve ever been in. Your’s is the 1st comment in almost 5 months.
Well, it appears all the gurus have their own private planet for sharing good code, and the rest of us live here, in the desert, attempting to reinvent their wheel.
Wish I had some good code to share with you, that I trust well.
Other Open Source forums, for other things, are a lot more helpful, unfortunately, I have discovered. People really help each other. Not here.
Strange, but true. Such great underlying technology, however, from a handful of real experts, but no one around them has any time or inclination, I guess, to open the door for a real Open Source forum. If you cannot go around the world, or across a country, or cross an ocean to their paid workshops, you’re out of luck. A curiously private club, of sorts. Maybe someday some more experienced people will learn to share EXPERT TESTED CODE a little more? No SDK, nothing, and no forum feedback. Very sad.
Good luck!
It’s a Great Idea, but going not as far or fast as it should. In my mind, it is a fundamental error in their 'business plan.'
It also guarantees nearly countless boxes out there with bad+weak/insecure+untested code, which will make a paradise for hackers, someday. Result=a bad name for the industry and the software product they are built on.
If I had something good, and not just a raw slab of probably weak code, I’d post it, like in a normal OS forum. Presently, I don’t, however and don’t have time to reinvent their wheel. Apologies…

Don´t be afraid, thks a lot for your time, and thks a lot for take a few minutes to answer me. If i find the answer i´ll notify you.

Thks a lot
Best Regards

Happy coding!