GoİP8 VOİP goes down , after 30-40 minutef of reboot


hi I have problem with GoIp8 Voip status Goes Down after approximately 30-40 minutes after reboot.
And in freePBX registry is shown request sent .Only fix this I have to reboot GoiP8 and this fixing the problem only 30-40 minutes any solutions?

Take a look at the log and see if there are warning signs (remote end has failed to respond to our critical packet, for example). This is likely to be a router issue, another problem with the path not being active enough to maintain the connection through the router, or a NAT issue.

Logs: /var/log/asterisk/full.

thanks for your reply, but we don`t using any router between GOip and asterik they are local subnet .afterik%20log

Go contact the manufacture. It’s a problem on their side if rebooting the device fixes it.

I can think of ways where rebooting the device would clear the problem is there was a timeout problem or some other local routing problem. I do agree that contacting the manufacturer is the right answer, but I believe this could be a configuration problem with the device rather than a hardware problem.

There may be some settings on the Asterisk side that could “spark the interest” of the device and keep it connected, but the manufacturer should be able more easily to tell us (and you) what those settings should be.

Thanks for your reply , after changing to Trunkgateway mode problem solved )

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