GoIP GSM with Elastik route patern (In / Out )

Hi Guys ,

It been a pleasure to write back on this forum ::::

I guess FreePBX and Elastix are use same feature, it’s Ok !

I have a Goip that is actually working with Elastix PBX, trunk set up it’s ok , incoming calls are perfect, agent start receive call from outside . Regarding the outbound i am facing with two issues .

1- On PBX side the outbound allowed the users to only dial 9 before the whole number
syntax :

and on GoiP side i have put a prefix number in the section of Basic Voip while configuring the Trunk.

What is happen now it that the system only allows numbers that begin with “3” which is the prefix number that defined on Goip, as a troubleshoot I tried to leave the field blank it does not work thought ,i even set a series of pattern like XXXXXXXXXX on PBX side, this was no success.

2- For the oubound calls, no CID displays ,like if you making an outbound call thru the system you will see “Unknown Number” display.

I hope for those master this device GOIP / Elastix_ could help find out this issue .

Look forward to your reply.

Thanks !