Goip fails to register


I recently came into possession of a goip4 and a rapsberry pi to create a very simple setup (use an automated response to either forward to another number or jump to mailbox, no outgoing calls needed). However, after configuring the basics of the goip and installing FreePBX I have come upon a problem: the goip fails to register with Asterisk according to the log:

[2017-12-04 13:15:09] NOTICE[4806] res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c: Request 'REGISTER' from '<sip:[email protected]>' failed for '' (callid: [email protected]) - No matching endpoint found
[2017-12-04 13:15:09] NOTICE[4806] res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c: Request 'REGISTER' from '<sip:[email protected]>' failed for '' (callid: [email protected]) - Failed to authenticate

(xxxxxxxxx is a replacement for the “Phone number” setting in goip, incidentally the real SIM number, though I doubt that’s actually needed).

So far I have setup the goip so it registers with the SIM carrier and is able to use the card. As for configuration parameters, I have the following:

  • Config Mode: Trunk Gateway Mode
  • SIP Trunk Gateway1: (the raspberry IP)
  • Phone Number: The SIM card number, no country extension.
  • Re-register Period (s): 60
  • Authentication ID: Again, the SIM card number
  • Password: 1234
  • Prefix Match Mode: Match Callee
  • Delete Calle Prefix while Dialing: disabled

As for FreePBX, I have created a chan pj_sip trunk with all defaults save for the following parameters:

  • trunk name: the SIM number.
  • outbound caller id: the SIM number.
  • maximum channels: 1
  • username: the SIM number.
  • secret: 1234
  • SIP server: (the goip IP)

As I am completely new to this world, I supsect an elementary setting to be the problem, but as much as I have read these last two days I cannot find a solution.

Also, I expect successful registration of the goip with Asterisk to be the first step before inbound routes and extensions can be setup. That’s the reason why these are not done yet.

So far, calling the SIM number yields two different results:

  • A locution asking me to introduce a number (if no “Call IN via GSM” setting is set in the goip), then call ends.
  • Call ends (if I try an extension number in the previous setting).

If you need any more information to help me diagnose the problem, I will happily oblige. Also, if I am wrong in my assumptions I will be happy to be corrected and pointed in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

I’m having the exact same problem with a very similar configuration. Any progress? Did you solve it?