Goip and FreePBX [SOLVED]

Hello to all
It 'a bit that I do not live but I had to do with different things …

In these days I’m working with a Goip and freepbx
I would have expected a lot of documentation on this and above all exhaustive material
Instead I do not find what I need, here I am here to see if together we solve

I started making Goip work like an extension and getting calls into freepbx
But now I would like to use it as a trunk and I am not solving it
Does anyone have experience in this, or do they have ideas?

Thanks to everyone anyway

give also an example or an idea … nobody can help me?

AN002-Installing GoIP in VOS and Elastix Platforms.tgz (1.6 MB)

Resolved enclose document provided by the manufacturer, is for elastics but declined properly works well for freepbx
note: to unzip the file rename it .rar
Thanks anyway

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