Going the last mile

The team may not remember that I am not the only one who doesn’t actually know how to do this. It would be very helpful and educational to include a link to a small document with the steps to do what you are saying we need to do. Many of us are FreePBX admins, and touch Linux so seldom that we forget most of what little we ever knew about Linux.


For safety, security and sanity you should at least know the basics. This includes installing and updating packages.

The how is 100% platform dependent. Realize there are hundreds of active distributions and each may potentially have their own package system.

If you are running the FreePBX Distro you would

yum install <package>

On ubuntu

apt-get install <package>

Yes, I am running the distro. It is easy to forget that there are other FreePbx installations out there. I think that is one of the strengths and one of the weaknesses of Asterisk. Users are mostly choosing a communications platform, not an operating system platform. That said, any help is welcome for those of use focusing on a great PBX who don’t come from the Linux world.

Thanks for your help. I was able to download the package. I will probably have reboot as I can’t figure out how to restart Apache. And so it goes.

Should get you started

try: service httpd restart
from system console (ssh or telnet)

(that being said, this kind of stuff should/could be in System Admin FreePBX application available by a click of button, possibly? )

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