Going Back in time

Hi everyone I just uploaded a re master of the AAH2.8 iso
The cd is still centos 4.3 (for those who are are having 4.4 issues)

The asterisk is Zaptel is
the install is just about the same as the old AAH 2.8 less a2billing
I had some issues with dropping the update and the SQL no big deal I will release the “patch” to fix it for those who want it.

This back to a source install for the asterisk / zaptel / libpri / addons / sounds everything in the /usr/src looks just as the ole aah2.8

Stop on by I got Jimi cranked up and we are all sitting around watching
the Lava lamp…

Get it at http://pbx.mississippi.com/

I tried that combo by starting with AAH 2.8 and updating as you did… everything works except incoming zaptel on my TDM400. Even though the incoming and trunks are set up ight in FreePBX, incoming calls get “not in service” pleasantly stated by Alicin.

Any clues Bubba?