Global inbound channel time limit

Is there a way to limit inbound calls to just 2 hours?

we had a older phone system not hang up properly and the call hung on for a day or so cost $$ does not seem to be a way to limit sip channels globaly to say 180 mins maybe?

Add the -L(n) option to the ’ Asterisk Dial Options’ in advanced where n is milliseconds.

the other option is to run a script say once a night that kills all active channels. we used to see a lot of this when people were busy trying to pump up toll free costs. we chose to do that instead of limiting the length of the call because some of our customers are pretty long winded and have talked for hours.

Would be cool if FreePBX/Asterisk would offer to kill a channel that doesn’t come in contact with an extension after x amount of seconds.

That seems cool until something like a queue or conf room is used.

Which is why i said after a specific amount of seconds, i know our max wait time in the Queues and i know that we never had a conference longer than 3 hours… and anyway, isn’t a conference call handled in a was as an extension? that would exclude conference calls.

Does this -L(n) option limit Inbound calls I do not care much about outbound the provider has a limit that I can change there…

It sounds like this limit only work for dialing out?
being that its named
"Asterisk Dial Options"

Is this the part in the trunk configuration section per trunk. ? is there a global way to do this?

i see in How to limit call duration
would this work for me except using a longer number for 3hours 60 x 3 x 60
exten => s,1,Set(TIMEOUT(absolute)=10800)

in a context in extensions_custom.conf


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Read the mouse hover over help for both of the dial options, you will be enlightened.

Yes the settings in advanced are global

the dioalplan youposted would be part of a channel associated timeout, you apparently do not want that.

I was not sure of the syntax so I will let people know here how I entered it.

in the field the default



I had it set to a shorter time to test and it was effective.

Is there a spot that outlines all the commands and options that could be entered in this area?

From bash

rasterisk -x “core show application dial”

At first I thought you made a typo but when I typed
rasterisk -x "core show application dial"
I used instead…
asterisk -rx “core show application dial”

but for kicks the rasterisk -x works too… what the heck