Global Address Book entry with Caller ID on All Phones

I have a customer that needs a global address book on all phones. How do we import this? The asterisk addressbook appears to be just for speed dials. They don’t need speed dial. Users need to be able to access this list from there phones like a cell phone and click and dial. Also when a user calls in thats in that list, that caller ID name shows up on the phone. Any thoughts?

The only supported way to do this is with Phone Apps and Contact Management. Phone Apps is a paid commercial module, and it’s not supported on all phones:

We are using yealink phones. So the asterisk phonebook is just for feature codes? I can add contacts on each individual phone, why can’t we do this globally without that module?

Because, unless you are using an app, almost every phone is different when it comes to directory handling. It used to be a market differentiator and every manufacturer has a different way of loading the phone so that speed-dials/call directories work.

A couple of weeks ago, someone posted a Yealink (IIRC) Directory populator script that you can run on a regular basis to update the directories in the phone. If I’m remembering the wrong manufacturer, there are other examples out there that you can use as a basis. Someone who uses Yealink might also have a directory populator script they can share with you as well.

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