Give specific group a different outbound number

Hey guys,

I have a new FREEPBX installation running.
Now I want to have two numbers out here, is it possible (and how).

To link a certain number to a specific group?

Can you please explain?

You want a direct DID to a specific group, or you want a specific group of people to place calls from a different CID?

Both are possible.

Sounds to me like the OP wants one group going out one trunk, and the other out another.

Simple enough to do… set up two outbound routes, and assign stations to that route.

I did something similar, where I had a remote office, and if they dialed 911, it would have to use a different outbound route, so it routed to the correct PSAP.

Maby this is a better example. There are two company’s on one freebpx server.
They have a own number to call outside and get called inside.

I want to add the company to a group, so I do not have to setup the external number everytime :slight_smile:

How can you assign stations to a specific route?

On your outbound routes, there’s a box for “extensions”. This selects the extensions that will use this outbound route. If the extension is not in the list, it won’t use that route.

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Did I miss it somewhere, do I need (and where) an extension route?

It’s not an extension setting, it’s an Outbound Routes setting.

But this is the outbound routes setting, or am I wrong :sweat_smile:


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