Give access to outbound lines through operator

Hi . if you are familiar with analog systems . you would know that phone operator can give access to outside lines .
ex: a limited ext would call the operator and ask him/her to give his ext a temporary access to call outside ( just for that call )

is there is anyway in freepbx to manage that ?


The first trick is limiting your outbound callers to a specific set of destinations (I think there’s a commercial module that will do that).

Once you have that set up, call the operator and have them “conference” the outbound call with the extension. Another approach would be to “transfer” the call to the outbound number. It would take a little trial and error to figure out which would work in your case, but I think it’s reasonably doable.

Thanks my bro
but that will work only if the operator already called the number right?

i want the operator to give the line to the user without calling any outside numbers .
i already limited all extensions to call outside . some ext i force them to enter pin code to access the outside lines . but i need another easy way to let the limited extentions to call outside lines and that should be controlled by operator or by another way .

i was thinking of daily changing that pin controlling the outside lines .

You can do it only with a custom dialplan. This kind of feature isn’t supported from Freepbx.