Gigaset DE900 and FreePBX

Hi all, I’m a newcomer to FreePBX but I have to say I am loving the power I now have over my phone system.

I have a query regarding the DND feature and this particular SIP phone (Gigaset DE900)

The phone has a built in do not disturb button which is reprogrammable but in the default state only seems to affect things at the phone itself. How would I go about updating this key to register as DND with freepbx but also maintain the LED status on the phones button. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance


I managed to get the button reprogrammed for toggle DND with feature code *76. It would be great if I could have the LED follow state though :slight_smile:

I’ve made a bit more progress in that I was able to set one of the extension keys in BLF mode to highlight when DND is enabled. And the hint shows well from the CLI

*[email protected] : Custom:DEVDND201 State:Busy Watchers 1

The pre-programmed keys only give an option for DTMF though and this is the key I would really like to highlight. I guess I need the button to both function sending DTMF and also receive BLF.

I’m a bit new to SIP phones so please forgive me if I’m missing some basics.

I’m interested in testing the Gigaset DE900 IP Pro too: which firmware version it’s running on?

I’m currently using the latest DE900_02.00.10 firmware

Thanks. What’s your opinion about Gigaset DE models? pro/cons?