Gigaset A580 IP

I have spent the last 5 hours trying to get The Gigaset A580 IP to register but all I get is Registration failed.

Started out as no server found to Registration failed.

Please any assistance.

New to FreePBX but am very excited to lean all aspect of software may be looking for new job and need VOIP (PBX) as an addition to my resume

Well as an employer in the tech world you get a big fat F on your first post.

1 - You did not tell us what PBX software and version you are running
2 - You did not tell us what you did (the configuration you tried)
3 - You did not google ‘gigaset 580 asterisk’ if you did you would have found answers

If learning is your goal you should define what you are trying to build and then plan your system. This will provide the structure for your learning experience.

I have two A580s and have found them to be very tempermental. Not only do they sometimes just refuse to register for no apparent reason, my Asterisk logs show that they frequently lose contact with Asterisk for no apparent reason and then will re-register at a later time. None of my Aastra 6757s have this problem.

I ultimately added an analog terminal adaptor from Grandstream (HT-502) and plugged in a Panasonic Cordless phone system with 5 handsets that I bought from Costco.