Ghost Calls


My extension (200) keeps getting a call, from my extension, and there is no one there; it happens randomly at all times of the day or night and the call is not in the CDR. It’s really odd as the call is coming from my extension (or at least it has my ext # on the display).

is this a hack? is there a way to fix this?


indeed - depending on the model of phone you need to secure the invite source in whatever manner prescribed by the vendor; google

stop ghost calls makeofphone

for the S series devices of sangoma that endpoint template option is:

Anonymous Call Rejection
Enable / Disable
Configure whether anonymous calls are rejected. Stops sip attacks that cause phones to ring, but will also block restricted numbers.

Thanks for posting back. :slight_smile: We have the Aastra 9480i phone. I’ll do a search and see.

Same problem with Aaastra phones here! Please let me know if you found something.

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