Getting to "asterisk mail" (voicemail) from IVR

Hi there;

Im Looking to be able to set an option in an IVR, and when entered, take that caller directly to the voicemail system prompt.

there doesnt seem to be an option via core, so Im guessing I need a custom app to do it, but not quite sure what syntax I would need. any help would be appreciated.



*{exten} to send folks there

you want folks to leave VM or folks to check VM?

Misc Destinations has a drop down you can choose to allow users to get to VM and check from the IVR

Hi bubba

what I want is to allow office staff to call into main number, type a “hidden” option, which will then take them to where “*98” would take them to if they dialed that from an internal extension.

there is no option under “misc destinations” that I see that indicates voice mail: cellphone, gabcast, mailcall (which I thought would be it but t isnt), etc, but nothing that takes me to “asterisk mail”

Im thinking since there is no other option in the IVR radio button selection, that it has to be done via a custom app

Well it is in every single copy of freepbx for as long as I can think back.

It say’s “Dial Voice Mail *98” when you select it it will put {voicemaildialvoicemail} in the dail string.

You can then just create anything you want for the IVR selection.



Man, that is a bummer. Im running TB 1.2.3, with freePBX 2.2.2, and sadly I dont have that option in the IVR edior. Just the apps I mentioned above.

Any idea what conf file those item under “misc” are located? Do you know of sample code that I can use to add it to extensions.conf or extensions-custom.conf?

your time and expertise much appreciated.

thanks again



Never mind. Im a complete and total idiot.

I see below the in the FreePBX menu “misc destinations”. I added it there, and lo and behold, it showed up as an option in misc destinations on the IVR

Thanks alot, and again sorry for my obtuse-ness…