Getting the calls recording links

Hello, i got in my company a working freepbx on asterisk.
An request has been made to send the links for each recording with his call id to an external CRM.
The links should be transfer automatically after the call end.

as of now i’m not aware of any way to get the links except from the Call Recording Reports, which is not really what i need, specially for an automated process.
i also can use an advise on what is the best way to send the info.

Thanks in advance.

See the advanced settings section, FreePBX allows you to run a post recording script, which you can use to move recordings etc.

Thanks for the replay,
i don’t see that option anywhere , also i don’t actually want to move the recordings just to send their link and call id, will i’ll be able to do that in the post recording?

Enable these at the top:


Then you should see:

Technically yes, you can also use the hangup handler to execute a script once the call is complete.
See an example here: Hooking for fun and income

The Sangoma CRM commercial module allows you to send webhooks to POST call data to external systems:

Thanks! i’ll check it !

Thank you i’m seeing it now

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