Getting Started

Looking for some general advice here. Complete Noob.

I’ve been in telephony for 25 years generally supporting the Mitel platform.
Now I’d like to play a little bit so I thought I ask the 1st questions first.

My goal I think is pretty simple. I want to connect an Astrisk box to a Mitel via SIP trunks. Then I’d like to set up an IVR that when you call it, it simply reads your telephone number (calling number) back to you.


#1 Which linux distro should I try first and Is there a 'LIVE" version of it?
#2 Is there already a pre-packaged version of a Live CD with Astrisk and a graphic front end available?
#3 Since I’ve no idea how to get started, can you point me in the right direction?

Dry Aquaman

We have a distribution with the OS, it’s not a live CD so grab a machine with 1G of RAM and a P4 or better and get started!

A wealth of information is in the documentation tabs. You will also find some guides named “without tears”, while they were written for other distributions the concepts still apply as it’s all FreePBX and Asterisk at the core.

Good luck and have fun.

Server is up. I was able to get a SIP trunk connected via a Mitel 3300.
I know this because when I put a call from the 3300 to the FreePBX I get the “number is invalid” message.

Trying to set up an X-lite phone to it. Failing.

Also what seems to happen is if my X-lite fails a few times the FreePBX seems to shutdown access from my IP so I can’t even browse to it anymore even though I can from another PC. Any way to disable this “feature”?

Dry Aquaman

BTW - is there any X-lite specific How-to anywhere?

FreePBX uses Fail2Ban to monitor system logs and then add dynamic firewall rules to prevent access. If an IP address tries to access the system too many times in a short time and fails the IP is blocked.

Look at the System Admin module and then under Intrusion Detection. You can add a white list of devices to never ban. You can also disable the feature.

HI Did you get your pbx working?

I have SIP trunks up between a Mitel and the FreePBX but haven’t figured out how to actually ring anything yet. I get the voiced “invalid number” message.
Was able to get a softphone up but haven’t figured out how to set up voice mail to be able to dial it yet.

I haven’t had a lot of time to dig into it yet since I’m doing a bit of skunk works behind the scenes.

Dry Aquaman