Getting started, the basic, basic stuff

Hello community,

I am just getting started on this well touted platform but I am very much clueless as what to do from where I am right now. So far I have been able to install AsteriskNow (I believe version 1.6, if you tell me how to check it out I can reply) and FreePBX 2.7 (now succesfully upgraded to I have also created 2 extensions but that is about it.

To give you a bit of background info, the idea to used Asterisk and FreePBX came from a frustrating and aborted attempt to use Microsoft’s OCS (and later Lync) products. We have 2 Polycom CX700 phones, which I am afraid will not work with the new setup. If that is the case what hardphones or softphones would you recommend to use with Asterisk/FreePBX?
In our original implementation we were going to use a Dialogic Media Gateway to connect to our regular phone line (yes, I understand that it sort of defeats one of the purposes of Voip, but I assume we should gain quite a bit of quality as well, feedback is welcome). I’d like to know if we can and, if so, how to use the DMG with Asterisk/FreePBX?
For starters I’d like to be able to make calls between the 2 internal extensions already setup. Secondly, I’d like to make and receive outbound and inbound calls, respectively. And lastly, I’d like to setup the IVR to use our company’s current menu of options.

Any and all help will be tremendously appreciated.



Thank you niacs,

I created some extensions and after downloading and installing 3CX per your recommendation I have succesfully been able to complete internal calls.

Following your advise I am not trying to create Ringgroups and Queues. Unfortunately, I simply can’t find where to do so. It seems to me like the documentation was created for a much older version and not updated, and the system has changed quite a bit since then. I actually found a picture of version clearly showing Queues and Ring Groups under the Inbound Call Control section of Admin. In my case I only list 2 items under Inbound Call Control:

  • Inbound Routes
  • Zap Channel DIDs

It is possible that I may have to create something else before that functionality becomes available but I was trying to follow your sequence, which has worked just fine so far.

Additionaly, in System Status I get a warning that there is a newer module available ( but when I click on “Check for updates online” I get the following message:
"Warning: Cannot connect to online repository ( Online modules are not available."
I am not sure if this is a temporary issue with the site or some incorrect setup on my side.

Again thank you so very much for all the help and I apologize if some of these questions are too basic.



Hi Alarti,

That right you are using AsteriskNOW, i’m more of a PBIAF guy :wink: wich has al the modules loaded after install.

What i can remember of AsteriskNOW is that the FreePBX install is just de Basic, known as the framework, to add more options go to the modules admin and enable al the modules you expect to need on your system.

Be carefull when upgrading to the Framework, i have a problem in that module wich i have not resolved yet. (

Also the modules are updated quite often, i just try to follow the major version as general, and only install the last module versions on a new install.

The reason for the repository error is unknown to me maby just a glich?


Well, in general you should read the docs to get you started at

Accoording to what you a telling it seems that the whole setup is quite new to you, I can’t help you with the DMG, but to point you i some direction with FreePBX consider the following. When building the system work you way backwards, like :

  • Extensions

  • Ringgroups/ Queues

  • Inbound route

  • Trunk

  • Outbound route

Also note that : Outbound routes goto Trunks and Inbound routes come from Tunks, the Inbound route is where the DID of DDI is entered.

Are the Polycom CX700 phones special OCS editions, then they might not work, start easy use a softphone like 3CX or X-Lite.

For the DMG i have found this :

Hope you got enough info to get you started.