Getting SPAM calls from Extensions that are not configured on the PBX

Hello Everyone,
I am bit new to freepbx , I need help on the below issue:

problem statement: I have configured all my extentions on free PBX for example 301-399 and I am reciving SPAM calls to one or two extensions at this time from some unknown extensions like 701 and 4001 , which are unknown to us

   so far I made sure Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls to NO and allow sip Guests. to NO

what else I need to make sure and how can I avoid this issue ?

Thanks in advance

Have you checked whether the spam is going direct to the phones, with no FreePBX involvement?

Especially in that case, but more generally, this is a question of getting the site firewall right.

let me make sure the firewall settings also
thanks for the quick reply


Most (if not all) IP phones (with current / recent firmware)
now have the option in their UI to do the following (2) key things

1: Reject what is called IP calls (this is what you are looking for)
2: Only accept SIP invites from the registered “PBX” (server)

If you use one of both of these options in the UI of the IP phone, you will see your SPAM / ghost calls stop.

This method leaves the PBX out of the picture.

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