Getting some Cisco phones!

i am hopefully getting some Cisco phones with sip firmware installed and was wondering is it hard to provision them on the latest freepbx/asterisk distro.

Welcome to the forum. Some tips to make your life easier. You did not mention what model phones. Cisco makes 100’s. Some easier than others.

Also, most questions have been answered. Search for your cisco model and freepbx and you will probably find more info than you ever wanted.

I am looking at 7960’s on ebay.

The 7960’s are easy, support by EPM

and i then take it that epm is not that hard to set up. i have it installed but haven’t been able to quite figure it out.

Easy is a relative term. It’s web based and functional. Certainly easier than manually creating xml files for configuration.

I cam across this just looking though new posts. Could somebody tell me what EPM is? Im using 15 Cisco 7960’s in a small business environment and it SUCKS having to create the config files by hand.


EPM = End Point Manager. It is a GUI based phone configuration management system. Makes configuring the phones easier once you learn how to use it.

that’s my problem i don’t think i know how to use it properly