Getting ring group to call outside numbers using a specific CID

Basically, I’m using our business’ FreePBX server to create a number that goes to a ring group and dials several emergency numbers for myself all at once (I have to wear a med alert bracelet, and only have room for one number).

Ring group - works fine, calls the correct numbers
DID and inbound route - works fine, goes right to ring group
Outbound route - configured with the CID for the emergency number, and override is turned off. It is set to a separate trunk as well. Currently placed above the main office outbound route.
Trunks - created a new trunk identical to our main Flowroute one, added the correct CID, and have it to force trunk CID

I’ve tried and tried, but calling (from my VVX411) the emergency number sends our main office number CID to all members of the ring group. This is fine for friends/family who have my office number, but for those who don’t, it’ll just be a weird 888 number calling at 2am.

Any ideas what to check so it’ll pass the right CID?

There is a ring group config option called “Change External CID Configuration” which will prob do what you’re asking.

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Thanks, I was playing with this option but can’t get it quite right. Any suggestions on which option to choose?

Remember I would need to “inject” my personal cell phone number so that when someone on the ring group gets a call, they think it’s me and they pickup.

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