Getting rid of the paging 'beep'

I am tying to figure out the best way to get rid of the ‘beep’ sound that is played through the speakers of all the phones that are in my paging groups when the page is connected. Basically I see that when the ext-paging context is created by freepbx that this line appears for every phone n the page group: Dial(${DB(DEVICE/397/dial)},5, A(beep))

What I would like to find out how to do, is edit the code that creates the ext-pageing context and make it so that the dial command is written without the A option whenever I make changes to my paging groups. Or at least which file I need to look into editing.

Thanks for any help.

The first step would be to file a feature request against the paging module that would allow this to be optional - or maybe better would be allow the sound file to be chosen in case you want something other than a beep. (Development site -> Report Bug and label it a feature request) That will keep the request from getting lost and we can try to implement it when we get some work done on that module. (Or - go to PagingIntercom and add the suggestion in there).

Next, go to the module’s and find the part of the code which generates that line (probably just search for beep) and then edit it (get rid of A(beep)). You will then probably be best to create a patch file which you would apply if there are subsequent updates to the paging module so that you don’t lose your change.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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Thanks for the info. I was going to add the feature request later tonight.