Getting panasonic kx-tgp550 to work?

Hi. First post here. I’ve got my FreePBX setup and running. I’m able to place and receive calls with Cisco SPA504G phones, but I’m unable to get my Panasonic KX-TGP550 to work. I’m able to get it connected to the network. Endpoint Manager finds it when I do a network scan. I’ve setup a Panasonic template and told EPM to use that template with the phone. But no matter what I try I can’t get the phone to actually work with my PBX.

Any ideas?

If you log in to the phone GUI, telephone tab and check Handset and Line No. selection for making calls. Make sure that the base is using line 1.

If you look at the template for the phone you will see entries like "0,0,0,0…etc. Just place a 1 in the 1st position ( 1,0,0,0…) and that should take care of it.

This assumes that your phone is pulling the config from the PBX. In Maint, Provisioning make sure your URL is something like tftp://PBXipAddress/Config{MAC}.cfg