Getting Inbound Calls Data

Hi Team,

I am using FreePBX 13.0.106 as a local setup for my calls, i need to get all the incoming and outgoing calls that have gone through the system say maybe in the last 6 months is this possible…??

Will appreciate the feedback.

Checkout the Freepbx modules CDR (call detail records) or CEL (call event logging)

Thank you for the reply, on the CEL module this is what i get,

The CEL module requires an Asterisk version of 12.0 or higher.

Upgrade to Asterisk 13 with:

Is there any other way of getting this that does not entail upgrading of asterisk…?

No. You need Asterisk 12 because CEL is something that was introduced in Asterisk 12. So no, you can’t get around that.

Upgrading to use CEL will not alter what data is available prior to the upgrade. You are limited to CDR reporting for that.

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Thanks guys will look into this.

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