Getting help from Sangoma

I am wondering who I can reach out to, as I am having a heck of a time getting any assistance at all from Sangoma. I have emailed Preston, no responses, I have called in on the Sangoma line, and even talked with a rep who took my name and number to have my sales rep get back with me (we are a Sangoma Reseller), and again nothing but silence from everyone at Sangoma. Are we the bastard child here, or is Sangoma having issues??

I need help with FreePBX and PBXact, as well as the Sangoma SIP phones, as I have some sales on the line but can’t close any deals till someone gets with me on a few issues. I figured as a last resort I would try posting here, and see if anyone at all gets back with me…


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I too will agree that it can be hard to get support sometimes. These guys are always on the phones and always busy. My recommendation is if you ARE in fact a partner and not just a Re-seller of Sangoma then you should have an assigned Account Rep. Emailing that Rep is the best way to get a response in my opinion.

When we first signed up for Partner with them I was constantly pissed off because i called and called with no answer. Thinking how can a phone company not know how to pick up the damn phone.

However after seeing everything they do, Trainings, Support, Road Shows and with the few people they have for a company as large as they are I can see why. I then began emailing my rep and getting much faster responses.

Also this forum is your best bet for any answer. This is the most active forum i have ever seen. :slight_smile:

Glad I am not the only person that has run into issues, and yes we are a real partner, but after the melding of Schmmoze into Sangoma, to be honest I am not sure who my rep is, it’s one of the things I have been trying to find out.

I have a large PBX sale/conversion to get done, and I need to talk with someone at Sangoma about some issues, but even with calls in via phone, all I get is leave your name and number and we will get back with you.

I agree this is an active forum, so hopefully someone will see this and get me in contact with whoever it is I need to talk to about their products…

We made some recent changes to the portal which should be able to assist you in finding your sales representative. If you log in to, you should see the name, email and telephone number of the sales representative assigned to your account in the upper right-hand corner. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply Bryan, and a couple people from Sangoma did PM me, so hopefully I am getting help. I was curious though, and logged into the portal, but I don’t see the info your talking about in the top right. I see the icon for my cart, and then my name which I can click and it comes up with my name and my company name. I am then offered Profile or Logout, if I pick profile it says “Partner”, but no reference to any sales rep that I can contact.

Am I missing something, and I made sure I was on

If you don’t see that means you are not a certified Sangoma Partner and never went through our Partner Program and why you struggle to know who your account manager is.

We launched a new Certified Sangoma Partner Program almost 2 years ago now.

I suggest to also apply to become a certified partner at

I am.sorry you haven’t gotten ahold of someone calling in. The sales team is small at 5 people and they are on calls 16 hours a day. Not excuse and we are growing like crazy and trying to find the right balance of staff to handle the request but as your can imagine we get alot of request that we have to filter through of FreePBX users wanting to try and get free advice or assistance through the sales team which creates more bottlenecks for legitimite opportunities.

Becoming a Certified Partner should solve your communication issue as it gives you dedicated access.

Thanks for the reply Tony, and you you may have hit it on the head here, as we were a Schmooze reseller, and when Schmooze became part of Sangoma, and our portal login said “Partner” we just assumed that we were now part of the team with Sangoma as well.

I am about to take off on travel for a week or two, heading out to MN to setup a new location, but if not before, once I am back I will try and get this partner issue sorted out., I can very much appreciate the limited staff, but as I am sure you can understand as well after trying over and over again to reach someone it can get frustrating. I have a likely sale for the 1000 extension appliance, but need to sort out if FreePBX or PBXact is the way to go, I am thinking PBXact, but where I am looking for some guidance to make sure I get this right.

Again thanks for the much needed insight…

Hi @WB3FFV / Howard,

PBXact is basically FreePBX but with all the modules licensed, save for a small handful. For an environment requiring a 1000-user unit, I would probably recommend PBXact without even asking qualifying questions. That size of environment usually requires enough of a feature set to justify PBXact, and then they also don’t feel nickle-and-dimed when you sell them a system and then when they come up with a new need in three months say “Oh we didn’t license that, it’s an extra $x”. You just say “Yeah, we can configure that!”. Depending on their needs, they may want XactView or the “Call Center” features mentioned on the PBXact Product Page.

An environment that size also is worth asking “What would happen if your phone system was down for a day? Two days?”. This size is where things such as HA, RMS, and offsite backups come into play BIGTIME to save on disaster recovery costs (though, that size, you could probably do a backup to an on-premise server that they already do offsite backups for). Sell them not only on the system, but on the peace of mind as well, and it should lead to strong customer loyalty.

If you want some help from an employee of a current Sangoma partner, feel free to PM me! I’d be glad to help you out :slight_smile:

@tonyclewis ,

We are in fact a Partner with Sangoma but when I login I dont see anything up there in the corner. We paid our fees and went through the process about a year ago. I know who my rep is but I am not sure it reflects correctly on the site.


PM me your email used in portal so I can take a look.

I realize this thread is over a year old, but in my search for help with some problems I’m having with the Sangoma Partner Portal, I ran across this thread. When I log in to the portal, I don’t see anything about my account rep. I know it is Todd Bryant, however nothing on the portal indicates that. I went through the partner training up in Neenah with Tony and others, back in the Wayne Cook days, so I should be listed as a partner.

Also, who do I talk to about some problems I’m having using the partner portal?

@hgcrane This was forwarded over to your account rep who will be in contact with you if they haven’t been already.