Getting alerts for storage as Critical Storage Alert for

I want to change the

Critical Storage Alert for

to something as my own custom like

Critical Storage Alert for PBXNAME

Ask Sangoma (the vendor)

Is it a vm or are you running on bare metal?

it’s a vm

Do you have admin access to to hypervisor? In hypervisor, do you have the CD/DVD rom drive enabled for the PBXact instance? For example, if someone tried to mount/load citrix tools and then forgot to unmount the disk.

If you look and the above is not the case, do you have ssh/root access to the the PBXact VM? If so, lets start running the cli commands to figure out what is full.

It’s simple from pbx, it’s sending the storage alerts emails with the title

Storage Alert for
Free storage space is getting low on the following drive(s) of your system:
/dev/mapper/SangomaVG-root is 88% full

so I want to change the Title from Deployment ID to something Easy name like
Storage Alert for NYPBX etc.

You need to ask Sangoma (likely a feature request) since that’s not how it currently functions.

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