Gettind messages to work on freepbx with softphones

I am a newcomer to using FreePBX although not a newcomer to Linux

Despite much searching i have not found a solution (if one exists) to the following problem:

I have a small PBX set up using (at present) softphones on PC and android which for voice calling are working very well at present the PBX has 6 extensions:

4 android devices runnind CSipSimple softphone
2 linux laptops running Twinkle

I set up the extensions, using pjsip on port 5060, voice calling is fine as are all the other functions but i cannot get the messaging feature to work. If i disable FreePBX i can send messages directly to another softphone using say [email protected] as the user so it works with the client software, but when the PBX is running I dont see an error but the message just does not send.

I would like to be able to use the system for short text messages if possible, can this be done?
I can send xmpp messages with separate apps but would like to use a single app if possible.

I am running the following software version:
PBX Firmware: 12.7.5-1807-1.sng7


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