Geting prompts on off hook event

Can someone point me in the correct direction on this please…

I would like to know how to make asterisk give prompts as soon as the phone goes off hook. I guess this would be like sending any off hook event to an IVR??

  1. Phone goes off hook.
  2. Get prompts- Please press one for English ect.
  3. Get prompts- Please enter the btn.
  4. Dial the BTN.


What phone? This is relatively easy to do with analog phones connected to an FXS port. On SIP phones you’ll need a phone that supports dial-on-off-hook, which may go by different names depending on the manufacturer.

Linksys IP phone SPA942 are the SIP phones along with analog phones. Im not to sure if this ip phone supports this method.

Thanks for the help!

The 942 does, for sure, I’ve done it.

To autodial on the linksys, make a dial plan that looks like this:

( S0<:[email protected]:5060> )

change EXTNUM to be the extension of the IVR you want it to dial.

On the Analog phones, you can just write a dial plan that does what you want it to do. I know there are examples out there somewhere.

Thanks a ton. I never thought to use the dial plan on the ip phone its self. Ill do some searching for the analog dial plan.

Thanks again.

You might be able to adapt this:

It’s for a doorphone, but it’s a similar concept.