Get Updated on FreePBX Plans

I've been on a bit of a trend not quite delivering on the dates that I keep claiming here. I told you I was going to make 2.9 final and well, I guess it still says Release Candidate when you look at the version. But that doesn't seem to have stopped nearly 5000 people from running 2.9 so I guess no harm done:-) I also told you that you would be able to listen in on the webinar for the Atlanta Asterisk Users Group (AAUG) VoIP conference when I presented but technical difficulties seem to have gotten the best of that also! (I did speak, but you had to be there…)

So … let’s try to get all of this rectified and update you on what’s going on. First, 2.9. I’ve had every intention of bumping that to the final release but a couple things keep delaying it. First, I’ve been traveling too much and don’t like to make big changes and then disappear on long plane flights unreachable. Also, the introduction of the FreePBX Distro, which has been fantastically received by all of you, has broadened the exposure and coverage of 2.9 on Asterisk 1.8 which has uncovered a handful of minor issues that we’ve wanted to take care of before going final. None the less, we’ll be squeezing that in very soon now!

Want to get updated on what’s going on? Well the best way to do it is of course coming to our FreePBX training class in a couple weeks in Cleveland, OH and spending a few days with us to get all your questions answered! Keep in mind, there are only 3 places left in the class (at the time of this writing) so if you want to join us, sign up now!

Next, that webinar I promised you and technology got in the way… Well Steve with the AAUG has been kind enough to see if we can’t try the webinar again so we are trying to pick a time and date and give it another shot hoping the technology is kinder to us this time. We are shooting for either later this coming week or some time the following week and as soon as we pick a date/time I’ll post back here and tweet to let you know when it is! (I’ll post it here too) The update and upcoming plans were extremely well received at the conference so hope the rest of you will benefit from them.

Another opportunity is also fast approaching if you live anywhere in the Pacific Northwest and feel like stopping by the LinuxFestNW next weekend in Bellingham, WA. We’ve managed to create some what of a VoIP track on Sunday, the second day of the event, and I’ll be giving a couple presentations at that time. Robert Keller (cosmicwombat) will also be there talking so it would be a great opportunity to see what’s going on as well as take advantage of lots of great Open Source oriented presentations!

For now, a quick thanks to all of you who have been helping flush out the little details with the new FreePBX Distro and 2.9 in general!

Philippe - On behalf of the FreePBX Team!