Get UniqueID at IAX Client

Hello !

I have a Asterisk PBX, and a IAX client written in Delphi, based on iaxclient.dll.
I want to make a connection between the uniqueid from asterisk call with a communicationid that i have in my database, but iaxclient.dll doesn’t provide me with uniqueid information. So I thought of three possible solutions, but I don’t know if they would work, and how to implement them:

  • if asterisk could send me a text message with the uniqueid after my client answers the call
  • if I cound send astrisk my communicationid and store it in cdr in userfield
  • if i cound alter the callerid(name) to uniqueid and use it in the client (and i don’t know if this cound work for outgoing)
    Or any other ideas…

I would appreciate any help…