Get Parked Call CID Name Through CLI Command

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to get the CID and CID Name of a caller that is currently in a parking location. Currently I have one lot setup which only has 1 slot available because that is all that we need. What I would like to do is use the CLI to see who is currently in the parked spot. Specifically this is parking spot 71. I have used the ‘parking show’ cli command to see the parking lot, but it does not give me any information on who is parked. I have also figured out if you type ‘parking show 71’ you will get an error message, “Could not find parking lot ‘71’”. What am I doing wrong here? I appreciate the help!

You need to type “parking show 70” As 71 is a slot and 70 is the lot.

Hi tm1000,

Thank you for the reply. I tried “parking show 70” with a call in the slot 71 but I get back the following error:

Could not find parking lot '70'

I also tried “core parking show 70” without any luck. It might be worth noting I am running these commands in the FreePBX GUI.

If you don’t have park pro and are using the default lot then the command will be:

parking show default

You are awesome. That worked perfectly. I really appreciate the help!