Get Events information in .NET

Hi all,

I am .NET developer and new to Freepbx. At present, I have just installed Freepbx on a VM and want to connect to it using .NET application to:

Connect to the Freepbx server
Get alerts for events like SIP user registration/login, incoming call event alert, call start event, call finished event, lines status, etc.

Can anyone help in this in the right direction? Much appreciated!


Thanks for the ultra fast response. I am a little new to this Asterisk thing and don’t have that much knowledge of this AsterNET? Do you have any sample application based on this AsterNET? Do I need to do some configuration at Freepbx end to get this to work?

Asterisk AMI :-


You know .NET, you need to get up to speed on Asterisk Mangemanet Interface,the tcp connection on 5038 lets you interface in almost any way with Asterisk (no FreePBX involved here, just pure Asterisk, if you neeed more then google is your friend)


This as well as AstTray doesn’t work for me. Here is what I did at my end:

  1. Created a Manager User from Settings->“Manager Users” with secret specified
  2. Allowed the current network to be in the allowed list
  3. Used AstTray/Asterisks.NET to connect to the Asterisks using Manager user. It works well.

Now, I assume that when a user connects to the server or some incoming call event is generated, it will inform me in my application by raising the event. But nothing happened. I am unable to receive any notifications. All I need is receive following events in my C# application:

  • Alert for incoming call
  • Call picked event
  • Call finished event
  • User connect event

Any help is highly appreciated.

Sorry but I don’t do windows, a quick look though suggests your config file is not associating to the extension you are interested in