Get DAHDI trunk names in FOP to match Trunk names from FreePBX

I am using Asterisk with FreePBX DAHDI 2.4.0.

Have two 4-port Wildcard cards. Total 7 FXO ports and 1 FXS port.

7 POTs lines that act as my trunks. No SIP, AIX, T1, PRI, etc trunks. 25 or so Snom 220 SIP phones. The one FXS port connects a desktp fax machine.

My question is regarding the names for the DAHDI trunks in FOP. I can see where I can give them a base name and channel number in the chan_dahdi.conf file. Out of the box the names show up as DAHDI 1, DAHDI 2, DAHDI 3, etc (at least fo rme they did.)

Ideally what I would like the trunks to show up in FOP with the same names as what is configured in the Trunks section of FreePBX. Wondering if anyone has modified /var/lib/asterisk/bin/retrieve_op_conf_from_mysql.php to do something like that or if there is a better way of doing that.

I am also content with manually editing the Labels in /var/www/html/panel/op_buttons_additional.cfg for each of the DAHDI channels but then I will have to make sure that the Labels do not get overwritten. I do not want to make the file readonly because other stuff in that file like the SIP extensions do change somewhat frequently.

Ideas/guidance much appreciated.

Also, my 4th DAHDI channel, which is an FXS port and configured as an extension is also showing up under trunks. Is that because I am using custom contexts and the context for that extension is not “from-internal”?


I statically added my labels to retrieve_op_conf_from_mysql.php on the lines

#array_push($zaplines,array( $zaptag . “/1”,“My Label 1” ));
#array_push($zaplines,array( $zaptag . “/2”,“My Label 2” ));

lines and uncommented them.

That works for me.