Gentoo ebuild of freepbx?

Hello Dears,

is here anyone who plans or is still working on a Gentoo ebuild for FreePBX?

If so, where can we take a view of it?

If not, who is interested in such an ebuild? In that case i will take some of my spare time to write / maintain one.

I learned to hate the original trixbox distri as CentOS is a monkey without arms - anything todo within the sources or using a fresh kernel is tricky and much more complicated then using gentoo as a implementation platform…

I did not understand why the trixbox project is using CentOS (instead of i.e. a Gentoo or Debian base. Recompiling asterisk and / or modules with / without wanted features is a mess with CentOS.

Gentoo easily allows optimization by CPU / arch or feature related things - this would be optimal for integrators and VoIP devels as well. Bringing FreePBX on Gentoo could give the FreePBX project a push.

Any help or contribution is welcome.



Your free to start your own port

Dear Moshe,
Dear Gentoo users,

OK, will do it asap (means: As soon as we have to run next updates on our FreePBX Gentoo installations this might be worth to take the work into the ebuild).

If there is someone who want to collaborate here pls feel free to contact me ([email protected]).