Generic voicemail recording - files

I have just set up a new small system first time.

I would like a call in from our siptrunks to hit a group of phones first, then a larger group second then drop to a generic mailbox.

I have got the sip trunk to go to the first ring group, ring out to the second ring group and ringout to a virtual extension to take the message, but I can’t see how to replace the extension message with a custom recorded one.

I think I can record one on a handset and add it but the audio for answer messages will come as file (recorded and produced externally to the phone system) so I need to replace it if possible.

does this mean a delv into the file structure of the server any clues on where to look ?

or is there an easy way to link them - can’t see it if there is


Dial * plus the virtual extension from another phone. Hit the * sign when the greeting comes on then record the message.

A more elegant way is to set the voicemail without a greeting and send your timeout destination to an announcement. In the announcement set the next destination as the voicemail.

Thank you that was just the what I wanted. I set up the more elegant way as its easier to add proper files to the end answer phone message in the future.

I had not set up any announcements, so they did not make any destination listin the drop downs. Lesson learnt, try it and see if it shows up somewhere!

All the best