Generate Outbound ringer?

Asterisk 1.8.4

PRI outgoing calls will not generate ring without r in the outbound dial command option.


This post was submitted before actually completing it. The issue I am having is NOT related to SIP or IAX, etc.

Setup is: DKT3020-SD phones --> Toshiba CTX 670 --> Asterisk FreePBX --> TDS PRI

Without r in the outbound dial command, we just get silence and it never rings. Putting an r into the outbound dial command removes the ability to RECEIVE early media, such as the tone for our telco long distance authorization codes as I mentioned in a previous post.

I have done much searching and even found a patch that sounded like my problem but again – I am not using SIP – which is mentioned in the bug.

Not sure if I can or would even want to use a patch on a production system?