General VM, disable default announcement

I have a virtual extension set up to handle voicemail for all callers when Call Flow Control conditions are set to Closed. I have been able to disable the instructions part of the VM announcement but not the announcement stating: “The user at extension XXX is unavailable.” How would I bypass that announcement in order to have the call routed immediately to the VM beep? This will be for one extension only and not for all VM boxes. I’m on version

On the Advanced tab for the Virtual Extension, set the No Answer and Not Reachable options to Voicemail -> (desired box) no message.

Or, if that’s the only purpose of the virtual extension, route the Announcement (or whatever presently routes to the Virtual Extension) directly to the voicemail box with no message.

Or, record an unavailable ‘greeting’ for the virtual extension that consists of e.g. 1/2 second of silence.

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