General system Feature Questions

I am running Asterisk with FreePBX Version 10
I am requesting some info to see if I need to attempt to continue on this quest on getting this to work before I Get Brain fry.

On the Asterisk / FreePBX system I have the following questions.

Auto Attendant:
Can I have this set up so that most of the incoming lines will go to the auto attendant but have a pre-selected incoming line be allowed to pass through and ring the phones (after hours and such?)

Can I have the phones set up so that all the phones will show Line-1 Line-2 Line-3 etc.?

If someone calls in on the second line (for example) will all the phones show line 2 ringing and if someone picks up, the remaining phones will show line-2 in use?

When calling out, can I pick a specific line (Line-2 for example) and dial out on that specific line?

I know that these are likely simply and possibly obvious questions to experienced users, but for me that is limited on info, I am not able to acquire the info I need.

Thanks! I love this system and its potiential, but I am simply having a VERY HARD TIME getting this stuff to work with the limited info that I have obtained.

BTW I am using Cisco 7960 B&W phones as well as TRYING to get Cisco 7970 Color to work (but have not as of yet :frowning: )

Inbound routes can be set to go wherever you want, they can further be defined by the CID of the caller so yes to Q1

You do not denote your trunk technology so we will wait for that,if you use dahdi fxo channels you will need to seperate those into individual DID channels to do what you want, each fxo will then have it’s own identity , you will need to set that up to suit.

FreePBX is a PBX as it so self identifies and NOT a Key System.

By definition PBX means Public Branch eXchange, just like the home phone you get form your ATT/Verizon/PTT

You are trying to program a “Key system” much like the box that used to sit in your kitchen/bathroom/over_heated_and_ignored utility closet at work.

Pain will ensue if you don’t know the difference. :slight_smile:

so question 2 is no, at least not without you spending a lot of time defining the phones themselves as key system type devices, each button will need to be programmed against the virtual key system you will need to define yourself against the virtual extensions in the PBX you will need. once done you will need to program your particular phones to accept and display the hints that you will have to generate for those hardware dependent buttons to show the status of whatever.

If you do all that then yes you will have a pseudo key system, pick up a line, dial a number , make sure your phone will properly process that dialstring an everything will be ok.

Basically you as a newbie will really HAVE to aquire that knowledge if you want to construct a keysystem on top of a pbx, Yes it is possible, but you will have to spend quite some time in school to do it (nobody here will likely do that for you for free)

general resouces for you will include the ubiquitous Google and

good luck you have started on a long but interesting path . . .

I appreciate all the help

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