General Settings- New Locations for 2.11

As many of you may know, FreePBX 2.11 eliminates the General Settings Module and
moves all of those settings other modules. I’ve created a chart to summarize the conversion. I’ve posted it below. However, there’s one that I cannot find.

Does anyone know where “Extension Recording Override” went?

Dialing Options/ALL -> Advanced Settings/Dialplan and Operational

Call Recording/Extension Recording Override -> ??
Call Recording/Call Recording Format -> Advanced Settings/System Setup

Voicemail/Ringtime Default -> Advanced Settings/Dialplan and Operational
Voicemail/Direct Dial Voicemail Prefix -> Feature Codes
Voicemail/Direct Dial Voicemail Message Type -> Voicemail Admin/Dialplan Behavior
Voicemail/Voicemail Recording Gain -> Voicemail Admin/Dialplan Behavior
Voicemail/Operator Extension -> Voicemail Admin/Dialplan Behavior
Voicemail/Do not play “…” to caller -> Voicemail Admin/Dialplan Behavior
Voicemail/Voicemail VMX Locator -> Voicemail Admin/Dialplan Behavior

International Settings/Country Indications -> Advanced Settings/Dialplan and Operational
International Settings/24-hour format -> Advanced Settings/Dialplan and Operational

Security Settings/Allow Anonymous Inbound … -> Asterisk SIP Settings/Advanved General Settings

Online Updates - > Module Admin/Frog & Shield (upper right)

Call Recording/Extension Recording Override was eliminated along time ago but never removed from the GUI so it was one of those things that had no bearing on what you set.

What about the Operator Extension? I used to set it to a ring group but don’t know where to look for it now.

See the chart (first post)