General Queue questions


I have Freepbx 2.10 distro and have set up the queues to mirror our exiting system. However, if I leave the dynamic agents section empty I cannot log into the queue, I want to allow any user of the system to join the queue but don’t feel that manually adding all users to the dynamic agents box is particularly worth while ( unless I absolutely have to do it). Should I be able to log any user into a queue even if this field is left empty?

Also is there a way to assign a CLID to a queue so that when any member makes an outbound call, who is a member of that queue, uses the relevant CLID?


You will need to add the list of extension to the dynamic queue members. this is how asterisk knows that the user is allowed to join the queue.

Do you have a “Restrict Dynamic Agents” selection on the queue setup page?
If set to “NO” it allows anyone to log into the queue. If set to yes, only extensions in the dynamic list can log in.


No. That’s what confused me. It seems a little worthless having the restrict option if you still have to manually add the agents extensions. However, under testing that’s how it seems to operate, I can only enter the queue if the agent is listed in dynamic box.