General question on the creation of a Dahdi extension

After creating a Dahdi extension, the FreePBX configuration menu for the extension shows two lines:

Channel: 1

Dial: dahdi/1

Just wondering why there is the Dial option? When would you change or modify it? Would it be better if when you changed the Channel number in the first line, the number in the Dial line changed also?

My guess is that there is a good reason like added flexibility but just don’t know.

Coincidentally over at the PBX in a Flash forum we had a discussion on creating custom rings for extensions and the solution used the dial option:

Can you detail the steps you took to do this as I’m unsure what you are talking about.

I created a dahdi extension in ‘extensions’ and I dont have those options.

I have noticed this quirk in the past…

The dial field is not present when creating a DAHDI extension, but if you edit an existing DAHDI extension, you will see it. So suppose you create a DAHDI extension for channel “1”, FreePBX will generate the dial field as “DAHDI/1”. If you then edit the extension and change the channel to “2”, FreePBX will not update the dial field, it remains as “DAHDI/1”. Perhaps like the OP, I now wonder if this is a feature or a bug.

It shows up when you go to look at it or change the Dahdi channel:

Stop using freepbx 2.8. This is completely different now.

DAHDI extensions work the same way in FreePBX 2.11, you still get the auto generated dial field and it still does not update if you change the channel.

We are in the process of redesigning all of dahdi so forgive me this looks different